Thank you for visiting RG + Associates.

I am pleased to announce that as of December 18, 2017 I have joined GCM Grosvenor in a leadership position to help expand its industry-leading small, emerging and diverse manager platform. Consistent with my work at RG + Associates, I will assist in broadening thought-leadership, facilitating engagement, and strategizing on ways to increase access to capital for small and diverse managers.

I am also thrilled to say that RG + Associates’ signature conference, Consortium, will continue as GCM Grosvenor Consortium. GCM Grosvenor is committed to maintaining the integrity, purpose and intimacy of the Consortium. The event brings together top institutional investors, consultants, and diverse and women managers in a personal and educational setting. I am proud of Consortium’s 14-year heritage and am excited for its future with GCM Grosvenor. Click here for information on the GCM Grosvenor Consortium, taking place June 14, 2018.

I look forward to seeing you in my new role at GCM Grosvenor.  You can reach me at